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Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Time (EST/EDT): 11:00 AM
Presenter: Michael Darden, IBM MobileFirst Product Manager; Yan (Tina) Zhuo, IBM MobileFirst – Senior Product Manager

Do you have all of the insight required to measure the success of your app? Use the power of analytics from the IBM MobileFirst platform to enable you to continuously improve and manage your entire app portfolio. Collect performance, usage, and user sentiment information to provide stellar customer experience and manage and prioritize app improvements. 

Attend this webcast to learn how to leverage mobile analytics to create powerful apps that provide you maximum value. Find out how to collect data and create reports to gain insights specifically targeted to your organizational needs and create custom charts suited to your enterprise reporting needs. 

In this webcast you will learn how to use: 

  • Operational analytics to diagnose app performance, measure user behavior, and monitor security related events 
  • In-app feedback and crash analysis to troubleshoot and diagnose performance issues 
  • Sentiment analysis for app store review analysis (sentiment score, trend analysis) 

Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015
Time (EST/EDT): 11:00 AM
Presenter: Amy McCormick, Offering Manager - Integration, IBM Systems Middleware; Matt Bailey, Software Engineer – IBM Integration Bus

Integration projects need to be carried out without disruption to business activities, employees or customers. IBM Integration Bus, newly available on cloud, delivers a fully managed integration environment that helps your business start projects quickly and easily by enabling you to deploy integration solutions on the cloud without the need to acquire and maintain an IT infrastructure. 

Learn how to develop and deploy integrations that are ready when you are and explore how the protection of IBM’s cloud security strategies keep your data safe from risk. 

Attend this webcast to learn: 

  • How to save money with cloud integration by eliminating typical obstacles to on-premises projects, like hardware and licensing costs <
  • How to boost flexibility between on-premises and cloud environments 
  • How to manage and mitigate project start-up costs 

Date: Tuesday, November 03, 2015
Time (EST/EDT): 11:00 AM
Presenter: Stefan Kruger, IBM Offering Manager –IBM Cloudant

Two of the biggest challenges mobile developers face today is securely integrating applications with enterprise data and storing shared app data that can scale to meet their needs. Attend this webcast to find out how to leverage IBM Mobile First Platform and IBM Cloudant to deliver rich functionality and high performance apps that allow you to store, sync, scale and connect to data in enterprise systems as well as integrate apps built with third-party tools. In this webcast, you will learn how to:
  • Reduce maintenance and improve performance using a high availability, geographically distributed data store
  • Enable your mobile apps to be responsive when users are off the network or offline 
  • Protect your most valuable asset – your enterprise data – both on the device and at every other point